Wade designs and creates everything pinball, collaborating with pop artists like Dirty Donny. A short documentary profiling master screenprinter, craftsman and Pinball Artist, Wade Krause.

Remember playing pinball in your neighborhood bar, cafe, or even laundromat? Pinball is art and technology united for fun, and Pinball Donut Girl is a fun comedy about Matt and Julie, who meet in a donut shop that still has a pinball machine. Stars Jan Wiedlin (Star Trek, The Go-Go’s).

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2 thoughts on “Trailers

    • Hi, Rich.

      Pinball Donut Girl has been screening at select pinball shows nationally and is currently being submitted to festivals. I will be posting screening information here on the website, on FB, and via email to supporters.
      There will be a DVD and downloads available as well in 2013.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Pacific Pinball Expo screening

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