Cast and Crew

Starring Jane Weidlin (The Gogo’s, Star Trek), Baily Hopkins (All About Evil),
Brian J Patterson (Batman: Battle for the Cowl), and Scott Mathison.

Presented by Matt Christiano and Planetary Pinball.
Executive Producer, Kevin Martin and Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA)

Director, Don Starnes (NASA, The Discovery Channel)
Production Designer, Lily Achatz
1st AD, Ned Kopp (The Godfather, American Grafitti, The Right Stuff)
Sound by Lauretta Molitor (Survivor)
Lighting by Steinheimer and Little Giant Lighting and Grip

Associate Producers, Jeri Ellsworth, Frank Buss, Gary King, Ashley Ringrose, and Bill Ung.

Pinball Donut Girl is packed with amazing pinball play on classic collectible machines and is supported by:

  • The Pacific Pinball Museum
  • California Extreme pinball show
  • Gene Cunningham
  • Jeri Ellsworth
  • Tanio Klyce
  • Wade Krause
  • Steve Ritchie
  • Michael Schiess
  • Matt Walsh

Original soundtrack with songs from Clint Baker, Eric Brace, Ejector, Brian Holmes, Lisa Kao, The Phantods, Rudy Strukoff and Ten Ton Mojo.

10 thoughts on “Cast and Crew

  1. The Oh Johnny! Girls here! Thank you for the contribution to our next album and we would love to donate any of our songs to this project or a future project of yours. Thank you so much for the interest and we can’t wait for the short!

  2. trailer looks cool, and well done, another great promotion for pinball – looking forward to seeing all the pins and action – thumbs up

    will you be selling dvd’s (Australia or universal region dvd’s)

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed the trailer!
      I will be selling DVDs and/or downloads after submitting to festivals. There will be a preview screening in California in September at PPE if you happen to be coming to that.

      Thanks again for stopping by the site,

  3. I am part of a committee organizing Australia’s first annual pinball festival – Pinfest – 8 & 9th of September. I would be happy to show it there

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