Pinball People Rock!

Filming at CA Extreme was incredible.  I met so many wonderful people, and everyone was excited about getting involved with Pinball Donut Girl!

Entering the show was like slipping into a timeless dream of light and sound where science and art were perfectly blended.   It’s the same qualities that drew me to film making:  the synthesis of art and technology born of human creativity.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us:  Ken Chaney, Mark Birsching and the super helpful CA Extreme staff; Matt Walsh of Memway; Paul Mandeltort of Marco Specialties; Chris and Melissa Marquette of Cointaker LEDs;  Molly Atkinson of Pins and Needles (which, need I say, is the coolest business ever, especially since I’m a sewing geek); and Jeri Ellsworth.

This week I’ll be sharing more about the genesis of the Pinball Donut Girl story and my dream to spread the love of pinball through film, a dream I want you all to be part of (how fun!).


PS: I have a pan of the show floor uploading, and soon I will be able to share beautiful photos of CA Extreme from our still photographer, Melanie Nelson.

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