Welcome Planetary Pinball to PBDG

planetary pinballMeet Planetary Pinball, a new executive producer of Pinball Donut Girl.  I’m so thrilled to have Planetary involved and helping me get the film through post production. Headed up by Matt Christiano, Planetary supplies Williams/Bally parts, and you can find them easily at Pinball.com. They are working with Jersey Jack on the new WOZ game too!

Check out a great spot Elvira did for Planetary:

2 thoughts on “Welcome Planetary Pinball to PBDG

  1. Fantastic! I’m a long time member of the Pittsburgh Pinball League, which is the best thing in my 63 year old life, outside my family. Can’t wait to see this film. I was in the film biz/sausage factory, in LA for 38 years, glad to be retired, very glad.


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