Lloyd the Great (LTG) Screens Pinball Donut Girl this Friday in Chicago

LTGLloyd Olson, AKA “LTG” will be including a screening of the ten minute festival cut of Pinball Donut Girl at his LTG show at Pinball Expo of Chicago this Friday, Oct. 19 at 10:00 PM in the Lake Michigan Ballroom.

I won’t be able to attend :(, but cast member Mark Czarnowski will be standing in for me, and I hear there is a good chance some PBDG posters will be part of Lloyd’s prizes.

Lloyd Olson

photo courtesy Lloyd Olson

In addition to putting on the greatest seminar at the Expo, Lloyd also runs SS Billiards, in Hopkins, Minnesota, where he has been keeping pinball fresh since 1972 with tournaments, family fun, and well maintained games.

So come out to the Expo, have a great time, and please join Mark at the LTG show to see Pinball Donut Girl! I wish I could be there with you.

Chicago Pinball Expo 2012

pbdg poster detail

Poster Detail (Download Me as Wallpaper!)

2 thoughts on “Lloyd the Great (LTG) Screens Pinball Donut Girl this Friday in Chicago

  1. Ah…guess I should read my email in a more timely manner…just replied mentioning “wish there had been earlier notice about the screening at Expo”…and as I get down my unread emails, here it is! My goof up! Wish I would have actually read this email last Wednesday, as I would have been at the screening for sure. I was actually thinking it was odd that this was not screening at one of the oldest pinball shows…and it was! And I was right there! Du-oh on my part.

    Any other screening in the midwest coming soon?


    • Hey, Matt. I’m sorry you weren’t able to see the screening at LTG. I’m in the process to submitting to film festivals all over the place, and I’ll keep posted here and on FB about upcoming screenings. Hope you had a great time at the Expo!

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