Filming Surf Champ

charlie kuttner frames surf champ This weekend I got to return to the Pacific Pinball Warehouse to film some material for a piece on the Clear Pinball games created by Wade Krause, Michael and Christian Schiess, and others at the PPM.  DP Charlie Kuttner (who also worked on PBDG) and I were trying to capture some of the magic of the visible games.

Michael Schiess of the PPM with Surf ChampThey are pretty magical.

Michael Schiess with Surf ChampMichael has been such a huge supporter of PBDG — I’m really excited to be working on this small video for him and the museum.  It will be included in the bonus material of the PBDG DVD.

Charlie Kuttner Lights Surf Champ It’s tricky to light all the reflective surfaces in the games, especially the clear pins.

Anna Surf Champ

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Unfortunately manipulating the playfield directly is not only the way to get the sounds that I want for the footage, but also the only time I ever get a free game ;).

Visible Pinball Surf Champ with New Mural

Even the new artwork in progress at the warehouse is impressed by Surf Champ’s beauty.

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