Brian J. Patterson, PBDG lead See Brian in Heart of a Soldier

The crazy talented Brian J. Patterson, who stars as Matt in Pinball Donut Girl, is on stage now in the world premiere of Heart of a Soldier. 

heart of a soldier brian j patterson rick rescula

Brian J. Patterson on stage in Heart of a Soldier

The opera is based on the story of Rick Rescorla, hero of September 11.

heart of a soldier opera san francisco opera rick rescola

Rescorla in Vietnam, 1965

The story of Rescorla’s heroism during the World Trade Center attacks is the stuff of opera, a hypertheatrical medium that holds a magnifying mirror up to nature. So it’s not entirely surprising that Rescorla’s story will materialize on the stage of the San Francisco Opera in the form of “Heart of a Soldier” beginning on Saturday, the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Read more from the NY Times article

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