Confirmed: The MythBusters Support PBDG. What’s stopping you?

The Mythbusters

Big thank you to Grant Imahara, and more than 80 other supporters for donating to Pinball Donut Girl. Have you donated yet?

I have four days left in my indiegogo campaign.

What does that mean?


Confirmed: I have scheduled principle photography in San Francisco for a week in November, we are holding final auditions on Sunday, and I am hiring the crew.
The film will be shot.

BustedBusted! It’s a myth that we have all the money needed. Currently I don’t have sufficient funds to edit the resulting footage or rent the best lenses for filming (especially the pinball games themselves), and there are some FX that we can’t currently afford.

Busted! It is a myth that I will not be able to use the money raised so far if I don’t make my goal.  My partners Indiegogo and Fractured Atlas allow me to use any funds I raise.  I’ll just have to make some compromises if I don’t find support for the full amount.

Plausible: Please Donate today and get the word out to other pinball and film friends; we can still raise the full budget amount and make the best possible Pinball Donut Girl. And you can get tax benefits, great perks, and help spread the word about the coolness of pinball.

Join Grant Imahara and donors PAPA ($5,000), Jeri Ellsworth ($1,000), Gary King ($1,500+), Ashley Ringrose ($1,000) and make it happen. I’m grateful for your help.

Looking for Donations…in the Washer?

We’re scouting for locations and scouting for donations. Please donate today so we can make the best possible film, pay the crew, rent the gear.

As of this morning, I am several thousand short of my goal.  Please help out!

Speaking of locations, here’s a pic from a recent laundromat scout. This place had a Funhouse and a sadly beat up Elvira.

mark floyd pinball laundromat 1943 battle of midway

PBDG cast member Mark Floyd gets in a little 80s arcade action on the side....