First Pressing of Pinball Double Featurette DVD Selling Out

Huge thank you to everyone who has been purchasing the Pinball Double Featurette DVD. It looks like the first pressing will sell out this summer. It’s been exciting to watch the overflowing case from the first run clear out: dvd-small-number-remaining

Your nice reviews and emails in response to the project are much enjoyed and appreciated.

PS: Good news for International buyers: I have found a lighter means of packaging that brings the shipping costs down a bit.

PBDG and PBDG DVDs at California Extreme this Weekend

california extreme

This weekend on Sunday July 14 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM I’ll be at California Extreme in Santa Clara, CA, screening both Pinball Donut Girl and Wade Krause: Pinball Artist films.  I think Wade will be there too, and I’m hoping other cast and crew will join us as well.

and I’ll bring DVDs!


If you would like me to bring your DVD to you personally at CAX rather than shipping, please send me a note or fb me or leave a comment here to let me know.  Hope to see you at the show!