Working with the wonderful artist Kirsten Preston on concept art for the onesheet.  Movie posters are a whole world unto themselves.  I’ve been reviewing old posters, current posters, thumbnail posters on IMDB and netflix.  I want the PBDG poster to be both a good representative for the film and a standalone work of art.

My best friend always wanted a job choosing artwork for the cover of books — this is almost as good as that.


Flipping out?

Today I have to get all the fundraising pitch footage edited so Fractured Atlas can review it.  I’m planning to launch my fundraising campaign in September, then film in October. There are so many moving pieces. It’s overwhelming some days.  I stay calm by focusing on one thing at at a time:  today the editing and tomorrow the donation request letter second draft. I’ve been getting great feedback from Dr. George, my adviser from SJSU back in the MA days and President of the Brilliant Beethoven Center.  I’m on the board of the associated American Beethoven Society.

photo by michael scheiss

There are so many compelling arts organizations to support, like the Beethoven Center.  It’s important to me to make PBDG a great project, a film worth supporting.  I was very inspired by my visit to the Pacific Pinball Museum Collections last night and the prospect of including bonus material on my DVD about the unique transparent pinball machines they are making.