PBDG Evening at Matt Christiano’s

pinball warehouse imagesI was fortunate to receive an invitation to an evening at Matt Christiano’s amazing pinball warehouse in Paicines this weekend.  Filmmaker Charlie Kuttner, Matt Walsh, and I were treated to a  fantastic tour and a tasty meal.

Charlie and I screened a few rushes from PBDG, a sort of super sneak preview.

Big thanks to Matt C,  Dan Kramer, and other savvy pinball players also enjoying the event who gave Charlie and I tips on game play and history and positive feedback on the footage.

dan kramer with golden bells

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Dan Kramer with some of his many wood rail pins.

Matt Christiano and AnnaMatt Christiano and Anna

Anna with VolcanoI got obsessed with this Volcano game.  I just really dug the backglass.

dan with his games

photo by Charlie Kuttner

dan kramer wood rails

dan kramer and anna with dan's games

photo by Charlie Kuttner

PBDG: TJ the Pinball Ninja

TJ Beyer unloads Pinbot

TJ Unloads Pinbot at Washboard V in Alameda at 6 am

TJ Beyer was dubbed the”pinball ninja” by our director Don Starnes. Always close by, but never in the frame, TJ wrangled games like wind in the night. His AFM and other games were huge for the film.

Remote controls for AFM

We turned around and TJ had rigged remote controls for AFM

Adjusting AFM

TJ adjusts the play of AFM for Director Don Starnes on set

I am so grateful to TJ for his tireless assistance on set and off. And he has a darn fine loft, too!

TJ stands by during filming of stunt play with AFM

TJ during filming of AFM stunt play with AC Ian Degner, Director Don Starnes, and 1st AD Ned Kopp