Frank Lloyd Wright meets Pinball Donut Girl

On Sept. 22, Pinball Donut Girl will have an advance screening of the full featurette at the 2012 Pacific Pinball Expo, held at the Marin County Civic Center Exhibition Hall in San Rafael, California.

Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed the Marin Center would surely be pleased.  I mean, look at the detail on one of the buildings in the complex and tell me Lloyd Wright didn’t love pinball!

Marin Civic Center building

Missed the PBDG Trailer at CAX? Catch it in Australia Instead!

Newcastle Pinball Association is having their first annual Pinfest September 8-9, and you can bring out your whole family for free game play at one low admission. Jady, one of the organizers, tells me they will have tons of cool games, from the new AC/DC pin to vintage pinball machines.

Oh, yes, you can also see hi-res versions of the Pinball Donut Girl trailer and the teaser for Wade Krause, Pinball Artist.

This is the inaugural year for this annual pinball show, so please come out and support it, get it off to a great start.  I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.  It’s at Caves Beachside Hotel in Newcastle,



some of the accommodations