Meet Baily: our Pinball Donut Girl

Actor Baily Hopkins
We have completed PBDG auditions, and I’m honored to introduce you to Baily Hopkins, who will be playing the title role in Pinball Donut Girl. Not only is she a terrific actor and musician, she is a crack skeeball player too.

Baily joins cast members Brian J. Paterson as Matt,
Actor Brian J. PattersonScott Mathison as Jack,
Actor Scott Mathison
and of course, the intergalatic and amazing Jane Wiedlin.

Jane Wiedlin on Stage

PBDG celebrates funding and jumps into production

anna jumps

photo by Don Starnes

Thanks to generous support from literally around the world, PBDG is moving into production the second week in November. I’ll be contacting folks about participating as extras at the end of this week.

We are also crewing up and delighted to have Vicki DeMey join the PBDG team. Vicki is the producer of a really cool film called Project Arbiter. Check it out on FB too.
project arbiter filming tank