Meet Baily: our Pinball Donut Girl

Actor Baily Hopkins
We have completed PBDG auditions, and I’m honored to introduce you to Baily Hopkins, who will be playing the title role in Pinball Donut Girl. Not only is she a terrific actor and musician, she is a crack skeeball player too.

Baily joins cast members Brian J. Paterson as Matt,
Actor Brian J. PattersonScott Mathison as Jack,
Actor Scott Mathison
and of course, the intergalatic and amazing Jane Wiedlin.

Jane Wiedlin on Stage

Brian J. Patterson, PBDG lead See Brian in Heart of a Soldier

The crazy talented Brian J. Patterson, who stars as Matt in Pinball Donut Girl, is on stage now in the world premiere of Heart of a Soldier. 

heart of a soldier brian j patterson rick rescula

Brian J. Patterson on stage in Heart of a Soldier

The opera is based on the story of Rick Rescorla, hero of September 11.

heart of a soldier opera san francisco opera rick rescola

Rescorla in Vietnam, 1965

The story of Rescorla’s heroism during the World Trade Center attacks is the stuff of opera, a hypertheatrical medium that holds a magnifying mirror up to nature. So it’s not entirely surprising that Rescorla’s story will materialize on the stage of the San Francisco Opera in the form of “Heart of a Soldier” beginning on Saturday, the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Read more from the NY Times article