Visiting Michael Schiess at the Pacific Pinball Museum

If you haven’t made the trip to Alameda, CA to visit the Pacific Pinball Museum, you need to.  90+ games on free play, beautiful artwork, signage and knowledgeable folks to teach you history of American Pinball, and a great vibe. There was a Mad Men themed birthday party in one of the rooms you can rent — everyone was turned out beautifully.

Michael is working with me on putting together a super finale for Pinball Donut Girl:  I am going to film those scenes with his machines.  I’m thinking the featured machine for the finale should be Fun House.  What do you think?  I’ll make a poll and you guys can help me decide.

Great News! ~ Pinball Donut Girl has been selected by Fractured Atlas!

Fractured Atlas, the fantastic non-profit supporting arts and artists nationally, has selected Pinball Donut Girl as a sponsored project.

What does this mean?

I means that when you support Pinball Donut Girl financially, you’ll now be able to receive tax benefits.  And I get to partner with a great group of wonderfully savvy folks as I raise the funds we need to complete PBDG.

If you are an artist in any discipline, or support the arts, check out Fractured Atlas. I encourage you to become a member.


PS: If you are a filmmaker, FA has great liability insurance programs. I insure through them. I also love their free on-line classes.