Pinball Invades Cinequest Film Festival!

Helping people see the beauty of pinball more clearly than ever, one of the Visible Pinball games from the Pacific Pinball Museum and six other vintage games were featured at the Cinequest Film Festival Opening Night Gala.


photo by Paul Breski

The real Captain Fantastic, Chris Kuntz of Pinball Pirate brought the games to San Jose.




chris-capt-fantasticAbly assisted by Mike Harris…

…who really gets into his work.

mike-cinequestChris and Mike tuned the games to perfection…




…and they were beta tested by the highly qualified Chris Garcia, festival programmer and curator from the Computer History Museum.


The doors opened, and the party was on!

photo by Cynthia Pyun

Don’t forget you can come out and have more pinball at Cinequest by coming to the Friday 3/8 6:45 PM screening of Wade Krause: Pinball Artist at Camera 12 in San Jose, or the Saturday 1:45 screening. See you at the movies!


PBDG hangs out with Wade Krause

Pinball artist Wade Krause was in the Bay Area last weekend to meet with customers and do some research at the Pacific Pinball warehouse. Wade was kind enough to let me, PBDG Director Don Starnes, and Cinematographer Charlie Kuttner tag along.

wade krause

photo by Charlie Kuttner

While Wade worked at the PPM warehouse and we filmed him, I snuck in some photos of games.

Time 2000 Pinball by Atari

Time 2000 backglass

Bally Hot Rods playfield detail

Bally Hot Rods playfield detail

In addition to the wonderful games waiting their turn to be exhibited at the museum or PPE, I’m always fascinated by the machines under repair and the store of components and parts.

Beehive detail on EM game

Beehive detail on EM game

EM guts

EM game under repair

pinball game legs

Wood legs for games

room of stored woodrails

Woodrails waiting room

I was happy to visit a Pinbot we used in Pinball Donut Girl.

pinbot playfield detail

Pinbot Playfield detail

pinbot playfield

More Pinbot

Pinbot Playfield detail

Pinbot playfield detail

Wade and Charlie and I also made a quick trip to the De Young Museum and hit the Gaultier exhibit.

wade and anna at the de young

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Even if you aren’t into fashion, the projection technology of the exhibition itself and the over the top construction and materials of the garments never get old. I think this was my fourth visit. It runs through August 19, 2012 and is totally worth a trip.

gaultier exhibit

Gaultier exhibit, San Francisco

While you are in Golden Gate park, you can go across the way and also visit the Academy of Sciences — that museum has been redone in the last few years and is amazing too.

PBDG Meets a Young Pinball Ambassador

Meet Brian and Chris.  Long time supporter of the Pacific Pinball Museum, Brian brings his son Chris on regular visits.

Nine year old Chris is an excellent docent and pinball ambassador. Cinematographer Charlie Kuttner and I were at the PPM to film some more clear game footage, and Chris introduced us to  Adventures in the Development of Pinball, the new exhibit. The show includes one of the Bally Freedom clear games built with Wade Krause.

chris and brian with bally freedom

Chris is pretty good at the clear game — he had moves!

chris plays clear game

On display are a set of images and interactive exhibits that explain the development and workings of pinball machines. Chris walked me through several of them with great expertise.

chris demonstrates chimes

chris demonstrates knockerchris and the bumper Be sure to stop by the PPM when you are in the Bay Area to visit the exhibit, check out and play the new visible pin, and of course play the other hundred plus games at the museum.  Michael Schiess and his crew have everything set it up to be very hands on, and as you can see, kids will definitely enjoy it.

chris and pinballs

Adventures in the Development of Pinball
, runs April 6 through July 6, 2012.

Physics, mechanics, art and history exhibits:

An art and tech show about the internal workings of the machines, and their art and design as they change over time.