PBDG: RV’s Forward!

Anna with SignThe permits are filed, the signs are up (we checked them in the rain last night), the games are coming to the set, fittings are complete, and we’ve scouted every laundromat from San Francisco to San Leandro.  But it’s all done now, and next week the real fun begins!

Looking forward to working with all of you who are joining us as extras.

Alameda - Washboard V laundromat

Laundromat - OaklandLaundromat #632....

Looking for Donations…in the Washer?

We’re scouting for locations and scouting for donations. Please donate today so we can make the best possible film, pay the crew, rent the gear.

As of this morning, I am several thousand short of my goal.  Please help out!

Speaking of locations, here’s a pic from a recent laundromat scout. This place had a Funhouse and a sadly beat up Elvira.

mark floyd pinball laundromat 1943 battle of midway

PBDG cast member Mark Floyd gets in a little 80s arcade action on the side....