Pinball Donut Girl Screening in Wisconsin

photo by Mark Czarnowski

photo by Mark Czarnowski

PInball Donut Girl will be screening back to back with Wade Krause: Pinball Artist at the Midwest Gaming Classic on Sunday, March 24 near Milwaukee.

Mark Czarnowski of Illini Pinball Association will be hosting (thanks, Mark!)

Ned Kopp – Pinball Donut Girl’s Bond Guy

Great article yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle Pink Section honoring Pinball Donut Girl’s Ned Kopp:

Ned Kopp

Ned Kopp on the set of Pinball Donut Girl
– photo by Audrey Daniel

A longtime Bay Area production supervisor, Kopp was who the Bond production team, headed by Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli, turned to when James Bond came to San Francisco to make “A View to a Kill,” which was partially filmed here in 1984. The film, Roger Moore‘s seventh and final appearance as Bond, was released in 1985.

The Bond team liked Kopp’s work so much that they called the next time it shot in the United States – four years later for “License to Kill,” with Timothy Dalton as Bond, in Key West, Fla.

In the early 1970s, Kopp served as an assistant cameraman on George Lucas‘ “THX 1138” and was Lucas’ assistant director on “American Graffiti.” (You can see Kopp in any Mel’s diner. In a photograph with actor Ron Howard in the foreground and Lucas hunched beneath a lunch counter, Kopp is the bearded, balding man standing above the counter.) He also worked on films directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Phil Kaufman and Alan Parker, among others.

But a Bond set is something else.

Why doesn’t DreamWorks have pinball?

Yesterday (and today) I worked out of the LA campus of the studio, and I started thinking why isn’t there a pinball machine?

The campus down here is even larger than the San Francisco area campus where I work, and there are ping pong tables, and arcade games, and video games, and even this amazing secret bar with (literally) a hidden doorway behind a bookcase. We have it all. But no pinball.

Does Pixar have pinball, I wonder?

I’ll have to talk to Matt Walsh when I get back. Maybe we can take the lead on correcting this oversight.