Pinball People Rock!

Filming at CA Extreme was incredible.  I met so many wonderful people, and everyone was excited about getting involved with Pinball Donut Girl!

Entering the show was like slipping into a timeless dream of light and sound where science and art were perfectly blended.   It’s the same qualities that drew me to film making:  the synthesis of art and technology born of human creativity.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us:  Ken Chaney, Mark Birsching and the super helpful CA Extreme staff; Matt Walsh of Memway; Paul Mandeltort of Marco Specialties; Chris and Melissa Marquette of Cointaker LEDs;  Molly Atkinson of Pins and Needles (which, need I say, is the coolest business ever, especially since I’m a sewing geek); and Jeri Ellsworth.

This week I’ll be sharing more about the genesis of the Pinball Donut Girl story and my dream to spread the love of pinball through film, a dream I want you all to be part of (how fun!).


PS: I have a pan of the show floor uploading, and soon I will be able to share beautiful photos of CA Extreme from our still photographer, Melanie Nelson.

Shooting Saturday at CA Extreme!

I’m very excited that we will be shooting some of the scenes for Pinball Donut Girl on Saturday July 9 at the CA Extreme Pinball Show.

Pinball Donut Girl stars the rising and very talented actor Brian J. Patterson. We’re lucky to have him on the film!

We will be casting for other roles later this summer, so check in regularly for casting calls and other news.

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