Come out to Pacific Pinball Expo today!

roto pool pinball pacific pinball museum

part of the roto pool backglass, incredible condition! photo by Jeff Bradley

Lily, Matt and I had a great time yesterday at the Pacific Pinball Expo.  I’ll be back again today for more fun.  Tons of great games and wonderful people to meet and talk to.

pacific pinball expo 2011

hundreds of awesome games, photo by Jeff Bradley

visible pinball clear pinball matt christiano wade krause pacific pinball expo

Matt Christiano and Wade Krause with the Visible Pinball games, photo by Jeff Bradley

anna newman matt walsh gary stern michael schiess

Anna, Matt, Gary Stern and Michael Schiess, photo by Jeff Bradley

The photoshoot of Jeri and Hellacopters was terrific — big thanks to Jeri, Wade and Tanio. And of course our photographer Jeff Bradley.

I’ll be posting the photos later this week.

jeri ellsworth matt wash donuts pacific pinball expo

Jeri tempting Matt with a delicious prop

Jane Wiedlin is back from the Go-Go’s tour and ready for PBDG

jane wiedlin the gogos star trekI’m excited to share that Jane Wiedlin will have a starring role in Pinball Donut Girl.

Jane is just back from an amazing tour with The Go-Go’s.  This summer was the 30 year anniversary of “Beauty and the Beat,” and she crisscrossed the country, performing live.

When released, “Beauty and the Beat” was the first number one album on the Billboard 200 by an all girl group that wrote and performed their own material. The album stayed at number one for 6 weeks and ultimately went multi-platinum, opening the door for many other new bands. No wonder Jane and the girls were honored with their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this summer.

I was lucky enough to catch Jane at The Go-Go’s sold out show at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco.  I had a great time!

Working with Jane again will be an intergalactic treat for me.  I first met her on the set of Billy Clift’s  I Want To Get Married (premiering this week in Palm Springs). The beautiful Ms. Jane is a great actor and a blast to work with.

jane wiedlin on set i want to get married with anna newman andrea edelman

On the set of I Want To Get Married, photo by raymond doan