Wade and Tilt Warning Creating Pinball Games for FAILE

FAILE has hired Wade Krause and Dave Baach of Tilt Warning Customs to create pinball games for FAILE’s DeluxxeFluxx arcade showing at the giant Art Basel art show in Miami this year.


5 of 13 colors laid down on one of two different pinball backglasses…

FAILE is a collaboration between Brooklyn artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, and they are HUGE in the art world.  Their recent work with the NYC Ballet helped re-introduce ballet to a new generation that might never have thought about ballet as cool.


I think Wade, Dave and FAILE can do the same thing for pinball.


Wade mixes ink for Faile’s backglass screen printing


Wade mixes by eye to Pantone precision.

In their newsletter, FAILE reports

We are working to bring DeluxxFluxx to ArtBasel in Miami this year. We have a new set of arcade games and will be showing pinball machines for the first time.


Wade inspects in-progress pinball backglass with one of Faile’s designs

Wade, Dave and I are documenting the creation of the backglass and other pinball elements at Wade’s Studio — Stay tuned for more images and info!


Film from a past project with KRK Ryden watches from a shelf in Wade’s studio

You can learn more about Wade and his work with pinball art in the DVD Wade Krause: Pinball Artist, available here.