Psycho Donuts is Putting the “D” in PBDG

psycho donuts

Big thank you to our newest sponsor: Psycho Donuts.  Psycho Donuts is generously providing all the delightful pastry you will see in Pinball Donut Girl.



Hellacopters (and Donuts!)

jeri ellsworth pinball donut girl anna newman

photo by Jeff Bradley, CC

More new photos of Wade Krause’s custom pin Hellacopters with art by Dirty Donny in the GALLERY tab on indigogo.

Hellacopters pinball dirty donny wade krause pinball

Photo by Jeff Bradley, CC

Huge thanks to all our new sponsors: Ethan Karson, Zainab Khan, Leigh Klotz Jr., Joe Locurcio, Martin Mathis, Jeff Rivera, Eric Rucker, Beth Scott, Don Walton Jr., and John Wasser.

Pinball Donut Girl is featured on the front page of today and making good progress towards our fundraising goal.  Tell your friends!

wade krause pinball hellacopters circus punks

photo by Jeff Bradley, CC