Everyone is on the Nice List at PBDG!

pbdg-posters-xmasHappy Holidays!  If you donated at the $50 or more level, there is an original limited edition Pinball Donut Girl poster making its way toward you.  The first batch went out this weekend, so watch for Santa in the guise of a mailman, delivering at your door.

I’m hoping to start getting letters in my mailbox too, letters from festivals saying we have been accepted.  If any of you have a film festival in your area, especially one that you regularly attend and know people at, mail me and I’ll see if I can submit to them so there is a screening in your area.


In the meantime, our sound editor Josh Wolfer of Austin is working on the director’s cut so I can wrap up the DVD and get that out to you in early spring as well.


Here is more Christmas Cheer in the form of drive through donuts, courtesy of Mark Czarnowski. PBDG’s most reliable man in the field, Mark has personally tested and approved the Donuts at this shop in Harvard, IL (home of Jersey Jack’s midwest headquarters!).


Harvard Donut photos by Mark Czarnowski

PS: if you mailing address has changed since you donated, and I don’t already know you have moved, please send me your new address so your poster arrives correctly.

PBDG: Don on Donuts

The cast and crew of PBDG loved the donuts provided by our wonderful donut sponsor, Psycho Donuts of Campbell and San Jose.

Psycho Donuts

Cupertino Shop

Director Don Starnes talks about the donut origins of PBDG on the set.

Psycho Donuts on PBDG set

Special LED lighting created by Little Giant to highlight the Psycho Donuts in the Mutiny Cafe location.

Anna with Donut Box

This is my favorite prop/set dressing in the movie: the lovely folks at Psycho Donuts created PBDG artwork on one of the donut boxes as a surprise. It appears in the background of several scenes.

From our reporter in the field, Matt Walsh

jeri ellsworth pinball voodoo too donuts matt walsh

Matt with some of Jeri Ellsworth's pins in Voodoo Too, Portland.

Team PBDG member Matt Walsh is in Portland, OR, and he was able to visit that shrine to pinball and donuts: Voodoo Doughnuts Too. The games you see belong to Jeri Ellsworth. If you live in or travel to Portland, you can easily find these pins and more using the Portland Pinball Map.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are lucky to have an excellent map maintained by PBDG friend Jon O.  Tracking 208 locations and 450 machines, it’s a thing of beauty.  I’ve used it to find audition locations (really!), photo shoot locations, and just to have fun.

bay area pinball map

Get out and play! Report more locations!

There are pinball maps for many major metropolitan areas; check them out and go play in a new location today.  Support businesses that have pins. I bet one is closer than you think. Get really inspired and start a map for your area if there isn’t one.