PBDG: Hot Editing Action!

This week Director Don Starnes has been meeting with our wonderful editor, Rick LeCompte to bring PBDG to life!

rick edits pbdg

photo by Don Starnes

Posters from some of Rick’s other indie films hang in the background of his studio.

Some people say editing is the final re-write of the script. I agree.

editing pinball donut girl

photo by Don Starnes

Rick is editing PBDG with Final Cut Pro, and he uses a logickeyboard. I’ve gotten to try one of these recently and wow, what a difference it makes. Who knew?

rick lecompts editing keyboard

photo by Don Starnes

That’s great, Anna, you’re saying. But when do we get to SEE IT?

editing pinball donut girl: Baily Hopkins scene

photo by Don Starnes

We still have to do sound and mixdown after we lock the picture, but I should have a trailer before Pinburgh. More exciting news about Pinburgh next week!

rick edits pinball footage

photo by Don Starnes

PBDG filming today at Disco Volante in Oakland

Leaving in minutes for Disco Volante in Oakland, CA to film some pickups.  Disco Volante is not only a fantastic club and restaurant (LURVE me the tamarind crab), it’s the usual home of PBDG’s beloved AFM machine.

Attack from Mars at Disco Volante

photo by Don Starnes

If you are in the area, stop by at lunch and say hi.  Our stars Brian J. Patterson and Baily Hopkins will be there.

Kevin at Disco Volante

photo by Don Starnes

Huge thanks to Kevin, Kenny, and the DV crew for letting us film at their wonderful venue.