PBDG Trailer playing at CAX this weekend

It’s all come full circle!  A year ago this month I shot our first footage for PBDG at California Extreme 2011 with Brian J. Patterson.

filming at CAX 2011And now thanks to your generous support, this weekend we are screening the PBDG trailer at the very same show.  I’ll be talking about some of the techniques we used to film inside the AFM playfield to capture the amazing stunt play of Jeri Ellsworth (we got your bang back right here on camera, baby!) and how we worked with the games on set, including blowing up some backglass.

Does a year seem like a long time to make a short film? Maybe so, but I’ve also been working on pinball documentaries about the Visible Pin project at the Pacific Pinball Museum and a second film about Wade Krause, who worked on that game and many others — I’ll be showing excerpts from Wade’s film as well.

Come by and say hi!

new pbdg postcard

More PPE Photos

pinball tournament special force pacific pinball expo 2011

PPE Tournament, photo by Jeff Bradley

jeri ellsworth photo shoot

Jeri Gets Ready for her Photoshoot

Jeri Ellsworth at Pacific Pinall Expo 2011

Jeri and Matt check out the games, photo by Jeff Bradley CC

pinball tournament pacific pinball expo 2011

Tournament at PPE, photo by Jeff Bradley

EM games in Pacific Pinball Expo Tournament

Tournament Old School, photo by Jeff Bradley

Hellacopters (and Donuts!)

jeri ellsworth pinball donut girl anna newman

photo by Jeff Bradley, CC

More new photos of Wade Krause’s custom pin Hellacopters with art by Dirty Donny in the GALLERY tab on indigogo.

Hellacopters pinball dirty donny wade krause pinball

Photo by Jeff Bradley, CC

Huge thanks to all our new sponsors: Ethan Karson, Zainab Khan, Leigh Klotz Jr., Joe Locurcio, Martin Mathis, Jeff Rivera, Eric Rucker, Beth Scott, Don Walton Jr., and John Wasser.

Pinball Donut Girl is featured on the front page of indigogo.com today and making good progress towards our fundraising goal.  Tell your friends!

wade krause pinball hellacopters circus punks

photo by Jeff Bradley, CC