PBDG at Pinburgh

A few photos from the PBDG trip to Pinburgh….

anna at papa world headquarters

photo by wade krause

little girl plays pinball

pinburgh side rooms

click image for larger version

Player from above

Partial Pinburgh Show Floor

click image for larger version

couple watch pinball tournament

pinburgh pinball tournament players

Rich on the floorIt was great to see PAPA world headquarters and meet everyone in person. Special congratulations to the PBDG supporters who made it to final rounds of the tournament (did I miss anyone?): Julie Gray and Mark Czarnowski (C division) and Erik Holverson (B division).

Who’s your PAPA? Welcome PBDG executive producer, Kevin Martin

PAPA Professional and Amateur Pinball Association Kevin MartinI’m very excited and honored to announce that Kevin Martin and the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) joined Pinball Donut Girl as Executive Producer.

If you don’t already know, PAPA runs the annual World Championships of pinball. (2011 World Champion was local boy Andrei Massenkoff of San Francisco.) PAPA is located near Pittsburgh, PA and has over 450 pinball machines plus classic cabinet games in a giant warehouse arcade (30,000 square feet!).

Pinburgh 2012 Match Play Pinball Championships

Plan to attend the 2012 Match Play Championships. Registration is open now, and PAPA welcomes players of all skill levels, as well as spectators. The tournament provides the opportunity for terrific competitive play, and everyone is also welcome to browse the machines, play practice games, meet other players, and watch the competition.

I can’t thank Kevin and the folks at PAPA enough for their generous support of Pinball Donut Girl.  Please check out their great blog, which has a ton of cool tutorials, beautiful photography and other good stuff, follow PAPA on FB to keep up with news and events, and come out to the tournaments.