East Bay Photos

I have been getting a set of photos ready to post from Wade Krause’s recent trip up here.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not, but the PBDG DVD will include documentary material about Wade and his work on the clear pinball games, Hellacopters, etc.

I should have that post ready tomorrow. First — I want to share a photo I took last night on the way home from a screening:

giant burning man sculpture at night

These giant sculptures from Burning Man by Karen Cusolito are outside American Steel Studios an amazing art place in Oakland where they are created. Cinematographer Charlie Kuttner (who is also working on the Wade project), told me about them and taught me how to take these long exposure night photos.  So cool!

more burning man sculpture

photo by Charlie Kuttner

You can’t imagine how huge these pieces are until you see them.
We also stopped on Treasure Island to take some skyline photos. We had the good fortune of a barge passing through some of the shots.

transamerica buiding and skyline with barge

photo by Anna Newman & Charlie Kuttner

So when you all come out to the East Bay to visit the Pacific Pinball Museum, there is a ton more to do and see as well!

Pinball photos tomorrow.
Happy Fathers Day!

Going to Pin-a-Go-Go?

I’ll be heading over to Dixon, CA  this Saturday (5/19/12) to Pin-a-Go-Go.  I hope you’re going too!

pinagogo logo

This will be my first time, and I’m excited!  I’ve heard lots of great things about the show from Wade Krause, Dan Kramer and Matt Christiano.  Actually lots of folks from the fixathon will be there, and I look forward to seeing everybody again.

A couple photos from Matt’s Fixathon, where I had the pleasure of watching part of a Gottlieb Hi-Score restoration.

Bust out the work light…

fixing hi-score
…and the Novus cleaner.

cleaning hi-score
Take off the old flipper rings….

hi-score old bumpers
…and carefully remove the plastics.

removing the hi-score plastics
The roulette wheel without its cover.

hi-score roulette wheel
Much better after a cleaning!

cover back on the roulette wheel
Sam Harvey says, Ten Spot is ready to go.

Ten Spot

See you all at the show!