PBDG visits Pin-a-Go-Go

Associate Producer Lily Achatz and I attended our first Pin-a-Go-Go in Dixon, CA. We got to meet up with lots of Pinball Donut Girl supporters, play great games (there were around 200 pins, I heard), and enjoy some perfect central valley weather.  I will definitely go back next year; I had a really good time.

It’s always the first Sunday after Mother’s Day — mark your calendar now 😉

Lily plays Bowling Queen Pinball

Lily plays Bowling Queen in the back room.

bowling queen backglass

Bowling Queen backglass detail.

I was totally taken with Star-Jet’s art. 

Star Jet playfield

Star-Jet playfield detail.

Flying Saucer Backglass Star Jet

Star-Jet backglass detail.

Star Jet playfield

More Star-Jet playfield.

I also got to see a Palooka Dan Kramer had restored.  Very cool.

Palooka backglass

Palooka backglass.

Palooka playfield

Palooka playfield detail.

Palooka playfield

I love the speed bag with a face!

Pin-a-Go-G0 EM pinballs

The turnout was strong with people enjoying both EM and SS games.eight ball deluxe backglass

Lily and Eight Ball Deluxe.

bounty hunter backglass

Bounty Hunter backglass art.

girl plays pinball

This young lady was part of the fun tournament.

girl plays pinball

And this little guy was making the rounds with his dad and a step stool.

boy plays pinball

I was happy to see Wade Krause and meet Dirty Donny Gillies, the artist behind Hellacopters and other custom art games Wade has worked on. Donny, Wade, and Tanio Klyce were so generous to let us use Hellacopters in the Pinball Donut Girl tournament scene.

Dirty Donny and Wade Krause at Pin-a-Go-Go 2012

Wade and Donny at Pin-a-Go-Go 2012.

pinagogo planetary pinball

Lily and I also got to visit with the folks of Planetary Pinball.

I can’t get enough of taking pinball photos…

foto finish playfield detail

Foto Finish playfield detail.

star pool pinball backglass

Star Pool backglass detail.

star pool backglass detail

Star Pool backglass — seems like this should be a poster!


Going to Pin-a-Go-Go?

I’ll be heading over to Dixon, CA  this Saturday (5/19/12) to Pin-a-Go-Go.  I hope you’re going too!

pinagogo logo

This will be my first time, and I’m excited!  I’ve heard lots of great things about the show from Wade Krause, Dan Kramer and Matt Christiano.  Actually lots of folks from the fixathon will be there, and I look forward to seeing everybody again.

A couple photos from Matt’s Fixathon, where I had the pleasure of watching part of a Gottlieb Hi-Score restoration.

Bust out the work light…

fixing hi-score
…and the Novus cleaner.

cleaning hi-score
Take off the old flipper rings….

hi-score old bumpers
…and carefully remove the plastics.

removing the hi-score plastics
The roulette wheel without its cover.

hi-score roulette wheel
Much better after a cleaning!

cover back on the roulette wheel
Sam Harvey says, Ten Spot is ready to go.

Ten Spot

See you all at the show!