PBDG hangs out with Wade Krause

Pinball artist Wade Krause was in the Bay Area last weekend to meet with customers and do some research at the Pacific Pinball warehouse. Wade was kind enough to let me, PBDG Director Don Starnes, and Cinematographer Charlie Kuttner tag along.

wade krause

photo by Charlie Kuttner

While Wade worked at the PPM warehouse and we filmed him, I snuck in some photos of games.

Time 2000 Pinball by Atari

Time 2000 backglass

Bally Hot Rods playfield detail

Bally Hot Rods playfield detail

In addition to the wonderful games waiting their turn to be exhibited at the museum or PPE, I’m always fascinated by the machines under repair and the store of components and parts.

Beehive detail on EM game

Beehive detail on EM game

EM guts

EM game under repair

pinball game legs

Wood legs for games

room of stored woodrails

Woodrails waiting room

I was happy to visit a Pinbot we used in Pinball Donut Girl.

pinbot playfield detail

Pinbot Playfield detail

pinbot playfield

More Pinbot

Pinbot Playfield detail

Pinbot playfield detail

Wade and Charlie and I also made a quick trip to the De Young Museum and hit the Gaultier exhibit.

wade and anna at the de young

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Even if you aren’t into fashion, the projection technology of the exhibition itself and the over the top construction and materials of the garments never get old. I think this was my fourth visit. It runs through August 19, 2012 and is totally worth a trip.

gaultier exhibit

Gaultier exhibit, San Francisco

While you are in Golden Gate park, you can go across the way and also visit the Academy of Sciences — that museum has been redone in the last few years and is amazing too.

East Bay Photos

I have been getting a set of photos ready to post from Wade Krause’s recent trip up here.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not, but the PBDG DVD will include documentary material about Wade and his work on the clear pinball games, Hellacopters, etc.

I should have that post ready tomorrow. First — I want to share a photo I took last night on the way home from a screening:

giant burning man sculpture at night

These giant sculptures from Burning Man by Karen Cusolito are outside American Steel Studios an amazing art place in Oakland where they are created. Cinematographer Charlie Kuttner (who is also working on the Wade project), told me about them and taught me how to take these long exposure night photos.  So cool!

more burning man sculpture

photo by Charlie Kuttner

You can’t imagine how huge these pieces are until you see them.
We also stopped on Treasure Island to take some skyline photos. We had the good fortune of a barge passing through some of the shots.

transamerica buiding and skyline with barge

photo by Anna Newman & Charlie Kuttner

So when you all come out to the East Bay to visit the Pacific Pinball Museum, there is a ton more to do and see as well!

Pinball photos tomorrow.
Happy Fathers Day!

PBDG at Dynamo Donuts

Psycho Donuts will always be THE donut source for PBDG, but when a girl isn’t in the South Bay, she has to get her donuts somewhere. Where, you ask? Dynamo Donuts and Coffee!!

so yummy with latte!

Director Don Starnes and I have been trying to visit this donut mecca in San Francisco for months, but something always prevents us — production meeting runs long, train schedule doesn’t fit, etc.  We finally made it on Sunday, en route to the SFFS Hemingway and Gellhorn screening. (Shout out to PBDG sound mixer Lou Wiskes, who worked on H&G.)

Back to the donuts.




Dynamo makes seasonal donuts with amazing unusual flavors.

It’s hard to choose…

flavors of the day

We were FORCED to get one of each 😉

yes, we got them all.  do you have a problem with that??

Don ate 5 of them, I only had 1/2…

don samples a donut

OK, I had a ton.  My favorite on the day we were there was apricot cardamom.

anna digs in

photo by Don Starnes

Next time you are in the Mission, check out Dynamo. 2760 24th St., between Hampshire & York.

I asked if I could come back and take more photos in the kitchen, so stand by for an early morning donut photorama sometime in the future.