PBDG musicians in new rockumentary

Gretchen King and the Phantods are the subject of a new feature length documentary releasing later this month! gretchen-king Meet the Phantods follows the band over more than a year as they perform and tour, honing their act.

The Phantods have been huge supporters of Pinball Donut Girl, and their music is featured along with Ten Ton Mojo, Lisa’s Big Night Out, and Clint Baker.

If you will be in the Columbus area on July 20, definitely head to the Grandview Theatre for the premiere of Meet the Phantods.


Ten Tons of Pinball

ten ton mojo

Meet some of the musicians that are part of Pinball Donut Girl, like Ten Ton Mojo, above.

Guitarist Scott Lano is huge into pinball (he put together the fantastic NY launch party for Stern’s Tron) and is working with the band to create and record original music for PBDG.

clint baker at the montery jass festival

clint baker jazz leon oakley

Clint Baker, member of Hot Club San Francisco and veteran jazz musician, is a great friend of mine and has contributed and recorded original music for past film projects.  I’m so lucky to have him on this project as well.  If you are in the bay area, stop and see Clint and his All Stars at Cafe Borrone on Friday nights.

Eric Brace last train home

last train home
A wonderful new friend, Eric Brace has generously donated one of his excellent songs, Doughnut Girl, to PBDG. Eric fronts Last Train Home and performs duo work with Peter Cooper.  Eric and Peter have a live stagit show TONIGHT.  Check them out.

rude dog rudy strukoff

This is good friend and PBDG musician, blues man Rude Dog Rudy Strukoff.  Rudy and I work on several projects together; check out a little road trip video we made while scouting locations over the summer.

brian holmes composer musicianAnother long time collaborator and mentor, Brian Holmes is a musician, widely published composer, and physicist.  What physicist can resist pinball?

I’m so grateful to have all these talented folks as part of the Pinball Donut Girl team.  Please join them in supporting the project.