PBDG at Pinburgh

A few photos from the PBDG trip to Pinburgh….

anna at papa world headquarters

photo by wade krause

little girl plays pinball

pinburgh side rooms

click image for larger version

Player from above

Partial Pinburgh Show Floor

click image for larger version

couple watch pinball tournament

pinburgh pinball tournament players

Rich on the floorIt was great to see PAPA world headquarters and meet everyone in person. Special congratulations to the PBDG supporters who made it to final rounds of the tournament (did I miss anyone?): Julie Gray and Mark Czarnowski (C division) and Erik Holverson (B division).

Wade Krause goes to Pinburgh

Wade with Luther's Vendetta Wade Krause, pinball artist and PBDG supporter, let me tag along with him in Pittsburgh as he attended PAPA’s Pinburgh tournament, checked out Dave Baach’s amazing custom games, and met with local artists.

Wade with Luther's Vendetta artist Brian Holderman

Wade and Brian Holderman

Wade collaborates with Dave, and I was able to go behind the scenes to find out what they are up to, including a chance to see the  Brian Holderman custom Luther’s Vendetta and Freak Out by Mike Budai.

wade checks out Freak Out

Dave showed us all around Pittsburgh, going above and beyond as a host. Thank you, Dave!

Another highlight was a visit to the amazing collection of Ed Beeler (more photos coming of Ed’s place). Wade and I had a great time exploring 8,000 square feet of pinball and arcade games.

Wade plays some of Ed Beeler's gamesNo weekend in Pittsburgh is complete without a quick day trip to Philly (yes, I am crazy), where we met with wonderful PBDG supporter Rob Loring and the folks at PinRescue and Harry Snodgrass, the PBDG sound designer.

Harry Snodgrass, Sound DesignerBack in Pittsburgh, Wade checked out the work of fellow screen printer Andy Warhol at the Warhol Museum.

Wade at the Andy Warhol Museum in PittsburghAlways ready to lend a hand, Wade helped Director/Cinematographer Don Starnes and me with PBDG filming.

Wade and PBDG Director Don Starnes

Is Wade contemplating the Trinity Cathedral, or wondering how his El Dorado boards are drying back in Clovis, CA? Thank you for the great company, Wade!

Filming Surf Champ

charlie kuttner frames surf champ This weekend I got to return to the Pacific Pinball Warehouse to film some material for a piece on the Clear Pinball games created by Wade Krause, Michael and Christian Schiess, and others at the PPM.  DP Charlie Kuttner (who also worked on PBDG) and I were trying to capture some of the magic of the visible games.

Michael Schiess of the PPM with Surf ChampThey are pretty magical.

Michael Schiess with Surf ChampMichael has been such a huge supporter of PBDG — I’m really excited to be working on this small video for him and the museum.  It will be included in the bonus material of the PBDG DVD.

Charlie Kuttner Lights Surf Champ It’s tricky to light all the reflective surfaces in the games, especially the clear pins.

Anna Surf Champ

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Unfortunately manipulating the playfield directly is not only the way to get the sounds that I want for the footage, but also the only time I ever get a free game ;).

Visible Pinball Surf Champ with New Mural

Even the new artwork in progress at the warehouse is impressed by Surf Champ’s beauty.